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Here's one of my early scratchboard

pieces, from a photo my husband took of this enormous grasshopper in Arivaca, AZ.

I used watercolor to color it, not having

been introduced to scratchboard inks yet. It was purchased even before I gave

it a title.  Hence, Arivaca Grasshopper.

Javelina Family

A scratchboard piece that resides in Deanna Thibault's Texas house, as I presented it to her as a farewell gift. She taught me so much! Plus she bought alot of my javelina artwork!

Javelina family.jpg
Curve-billed Thrasher Chicks.jpg

Curve-billed Thrasher Chicks

9x12 scratchboard and watercolor. These little guys grew up in a cholla cactus outside our yard, and flew away to start their own families.

Aby 'Tude

An 8x8 clayboard piece of our

16-year-old Abyssinian, Jake. He's still

a mischievous imp!

Aby 'tude.jpg
Cats Eye.jpg

Cats Eye

3x5 scratchboard w/ink. Our cat Jed is the model.

Blond Tarantula.jpg

Blonde Tarantula

My first experiment with ink washes on clayboard. I discovered that I like drawing and painting bugs!

Chris Bug.jpg
Cactus Bug.jpg

More bugs, both 3x5.

"Chrys" on the left; scratchboard with ink. (Would've been much easier had I started with clayboard!)

Cactus Bug on the right; clayboard this time.

Majestic Stroll.jpg
Bighorn Sheep.jpg

Majestic Stroll. Scratchboard with ink.

Bighorn Sheep.  Scratchboard.

Barn Owl portrait.jpg

Barn Owl Portrait

Clayboard with ink. This magnificent creature can be seen at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum if you're lucky!



Scratchboard with watercolor.

Elegant Trogan.jpg
Elegant Trogan II.jpg

Elegant Trogan, scratchboard with ink, and Elegant Trogan II, clayboard with ink. Madera Canyon was overrun with birdwatchers this past spring, vying for their siting of this stunning bird. It is usually seen only in South and Central America, and rarely does it fly this far north.

Catalina View.jpg

Catalina View

My very first scratchboard! What does this tool do? What does that tool do?

Tucson Turtles

Scratchboard with ink, juried into SAWG's 1st Annual Regional Juried show (Summer 2018) by Kyle Johnston, and SOLD!

Tucson Turtles.jpg
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